Bottle Cap Caterpillars!

Welcome back CreationVillagers! Today,we’re going to teach you how to make a really simple craft! It’s the bottle cap caterpillars. So lets get started!

What you need:

– Green construction

– Scissors

– Bottle caps

– White Glue

– Crayons

– Pipe Cleaners

– Googly Eyes

How to make:

1.) With the construction paper, cut a big leaf shape out.

2.) Colour the top of the bottle caps any colour you want.

3.) Get a plastic plate and put a puddle of glue.

4.) Put the bottom of the bottle caps in the glue.

5.) Stick the bottle caps on the leaf like a caterpillar.

6.) After the glue has fully dried,stick on the googly eyes on the first bottle cap to make a face!

7.)  Cut off 2 little pieces of the pipe cleaner to make the antennae. Glue or tape them on the bottle cap.

8.) Enjoy your caterpillar!

This is how it should look like:


For this craft,I used an amazing craft website! It has lots of crafts for kids. It is all kids network. Click on it to see lots of crafts! I hope you have fun making this!

Happy Creationalizing!

– Marker and Crayon


DIY Paint!

Welcome back Creationvillagers!

Sorry for posting after such a long time. We don’t really know how we get so busy with so much homework! Thats how we forget,but we remembered! So today we will show how to make your very own paint. It’s super easy. It is also cheap! Well, lets get started!

Things you will need:


Food Colouring

A plastic plate

How to make:

1.) Pour milk on to the plastic plate depending on how much you want

2.) Put 2 drops of any colour of food colouring you want to be colour of your paint

3.) Mix it!

4.) Enjoy your own paint!

It will should look like paint after your done!

Happy Creationalizing!

– Marker and Crayon

Summer Arts and Crafts Contest!

Attention all creation vilagers,
We are making a summer arts and crafts contest! In this contest, you have to make something that represents summer! Summer is a really hot season! We get to play outside a lot , make a lemonade sale, go to the waterpark and more! The summer is also a good season to do some arts and crafts! So that’s why we wanted to make the summer arts and crafts contest! So get your arts and crafts skills going and make a perfect summer art or craft! The winner of the arts and crafts contest will get to tell us what to make next! Send your artwork at this email address! Get going on your artwork and we will see you soon! Happy Creationalizing!

Marker and Crayon!