Has anyone entered our Contest yet?

Hello CreationVillagers!,

You guys know we are grade sixers but that doesn’t mean you will not be able to trust us! We will tell you one more time, what the winner will get. He/she will be able to email us a art post! We will post it! They will also have a special spot in our wall of artists! If we HAVE to tell you where to email it, this where you will be able to!

—> Creationvillagerocks275@gmail.com

—>  Creationvillagerocks275@mail.com


Remember this, Our team will not be able to wait any longer to see your art entries!


Happy creationalizing!

Marker, Crayon and Pencil! ( If you don’t know pencil she is our new member! )



A New Member Has Arrived!

Hey creationvillagers! We have a new member who has joined our team! Her name is Pencil! She loves arts and crafts just like us! So from now on, she will help us with crafting ideas for all of you!

Happy Creationalizing!

Marker, Crayon and Pencil.

Crafty Christmas Tree Ornaments!

Welcome back Creationvillagers!

Sorry we didn’t put any new posts in a really long time. Its just because of our new blog we started. It’s called Tame the Fashion. Check out it when you have time. Any ways, today we are gonna show you how to make crafty Christmas tree ornaments! Since Christmas is coming, we thought of making these to hang in your Christmas! So lets get started!

Things you will need:

– 3 popsicle sticks

– Green Paint

– Brown

Egg Scuba Divers!

Hey Creationvillagers! Today, we will be making egg scuba divers! These are fun little critters that YOU can make yourself. Well, lets jump right in!

What do you need?

  • Plastic Eggs
  • Bottle Caps
  • Straws
  • Felt
  • Glue (Hot glue is probably best)

How to make:

  1. Take the bottle cap and draw a face with some eyes & a mouth.
  2. Take the straw and cut it into a small piece. Make sure its not to small and at least under the extender spring.
  3. Glue on the straw to the bottle cap. It should be on the side of the bottle cap.
  4. Glue your little scuba gear (the bottle cap) onto the centre of the plastic egg.
  5. Using the felt, cut two little webbed feet. Its like duck feet!
  6. Glue the feet under the egg.
  7. By now, it should kind of look like this Picture from: jeetbo.com

Happy Creationalizing!

– Marker and Crayon

New Posting Day!

Hello Creationvillagers! We decided to make new posts on a certain day! Since we get busy everyday,we had to choose a day to post things. Just to tell everyone,our new day is going to be on Fridays.We will post a new craft every Friday!

Happy Creationalizing!

– Marker and Crayon