DIY Pudding Pops- all natural, non-dairy, delicious

Yum! This is so good!

Maggie May's

pudding popI promise this will be my last popsicle post for a little while, but I couldn’t resist. I just love these pudding pops.

A while ago I shared a recipe for a dairy and gluten-free pudding. 

pudding-dairy, gluten freeI was making some recently and decided to put the pudding into our popsicle molds instead. With the hot weather, my kids are more into frozen treats right now.

What I love most about these is how great they are for those days when your kids will only eat a little bit of their dinner but can miraculously find room for dessert. I offer a pudding pop and they think they are getting a delicious dessert but in reality they are getting nutritious avocado, banana, fruit, chia seeds and almond milk. I see it as a win-win.

Basically just make this recipe of chocolate pudding:

1 ripe avacado
1/2 cup almond milk (I like…

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