Decorate With Your Kid’s Favorite Book

This is pretty cool!

Maggie May's

book pagesWhen your kid decides that a particular book is his all-time favorite, you can expect it to get destroyed pretty quickly.

Kids aren’t exactly gentle with their books and when it’s one that they read over and over and over, you can bet it’s going to get beat up. I’m sure you have some books that look like this..


I have to admit that after reading a book 2,000 times, I start to get a little sentimental towards it knowing that it will most likely become a childhood memory for my kids.

So when those books get too beat up to even read anymore, I hate to throw them away. They have become a part of me (and my kids) by then.

I wanted to see if we could keep the memory alive somehow even if the book was ruined. I thought about framing the pages but that would…

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