Pokeball Nails!

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Super easy and super cute Pokeball nails

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DIY Fruit Pops

We love fruit. So thats why these fruit pops are great!

Maggie May's

Popsicle molds are one of my favorite things ever. I love that I can decide exactly what goes into the popsicle and that they end up costing pennies each.

Sometimes when I make too much smoothie, I will just pour the excess into the molds and they make great popsicles for later.

My latest one is so easy and are a hit around here. It doesn’t require any prep work and literally only takes a minute to make. All you need are pineapple bits (either fresh or frozen) and rice milk.


Just fill your mold with pineapple bits.Then pour your rice milk into it until it reaches the rim. Rice milk may sound a little weird but it has a really subtle taste and gives it a slight creaminess. I used to use just water and my kids still loved them, but I found it was like they were chomping on…

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About the Summer Contest!

Hello Creationvilagers,

In our summer arts and crafts contest notice, we forgot to mention when the contest starts and when it ends. So thats why we are back to tell you that. The starting date is July 15 and the contest ends at August 10. So if you didn’t notice where to send the entries, send it at rafisha 27@gmail.com. So get working on your art work! Happy Creationalizing!

Marker and Crayon

Pineapple-Watermelon Popsicles

Wow! This is a great treat to cool off in a hot summerday!

Maggie May's

pineapple watermelon pops

We’ve been talking about DIY popsicles and I wanted to share one more with you. This one came about when I bought fruit to make a fruit salad and ended up with a ton of it. I wanted to use some of it right away so that none of it would be wasted.

Watermelon and pineapple are both so refreshing and I knew they would be so great blended and frozen.


All I did was take some of the fresh watermelon and pineapple and put it into the blender. I added some vanilla yogurt and a little bit of rice milk so that it would blend smoothly.


Then just poured them into popsicle molds.


And froze them overnight.


They are delicious!!



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Summer Arts and Crafts Contest!

Attention all creation vilagers,
We are making a summer arts and crafts contest! In this contest, you have to make something that represents summer! Summer is a really hot season! We get to play outside a lot , make a lemonade sale, go to the waterpark and more! The summer is also a good season to do some arts and crafts! So that’s why we wanted to make the summer arts and crafts contest! So get your arts and crafts skills going and make a perfect summer art or craft! The winner of the arts and crafts contest will get to tell us what to make next! Send your artwork at this email address :rafisha27@gmail.com! Get going on your artwork and we will see you soon! Happy Creationalizing!

Marker and Crayon!