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Make Your Own Decorative Ice Bowl

These is an awesome bowl

Maggie May's

ice bowls

Since my dinner party guests usually consist of a husband who will eat anything I serve (God love him) and kids who will spill anything I serve, I don’t spend much time on the visual presentation of our meals.

I thought I’d share this serving idea anyway because it was fun to make and you may actually be looking for a presentation idea right now.

All you need are two different sized glass bowls.


Fill the larger bowl with about an inch or two of water and place in the freezer for a few hours.


Remove bowl from freezer and place the smaller bowl inside the larger one. You will have the inch of ice separating the bowls.

Tape the smaller bowl down to the larger one.


Fill in the gap between the bowls with water.


Now place any decorative items you want into the water between the bowls. I…

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