Christmas Decorations


Hey there CreationVillagers, we are back to present you some easy Christmas decorations. So have fun making it, and just remember, ANYBODY CAN MAKE THIS! 🙂


What You Will Need:

Ice cream cone

Glitter, construction paper, pipecleaners, or anything else needed to decorate


What to do:

Put glue all over the ice cream cone and stick on what you’d like. If you’d like to make a plain and jolly glitter cone, simply sprinkle the glitter on the cone where the glue is all applied over a napkin or newspaper and let dry. As for the Santa cones, just wrap red construction paper around the cone and stick on what you need to. Easy and pretty! We got this cool picture from go check out that website! 


Happy Creationalizing,

Marker and Crayon


Pet Rocks

Pet Rocks

You will need:
Rock big enough to paint and add stuff onto
Googly eyes
Markers (Sharpies work best)

First, paint your rocks ONE SIDE AT A TIME. After one side is dry, flip the rock over and paint the other side. When the rock is fully dry, use glue and stick on googly eyes. Use a markers to draw on a mouth, nose, or anything else. And, you are done! These are great for decorating your room too! Photo from

Have fun playing with your new buddy,
Marker and Crayon